High Performance Learning Journey

How can we put what we learn into practice? How to use the potential of self-learning content offered on the web? How to get more out of traditional training? How to finally be sure that science has translated into business benefits?

The transition from theory to implementation has always been an idée fixe not only for HR departments, but also for managers of sales, logistics, production and many other departments.

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According to research (Brinkerhoff), only one in six training participants successfully implements what they learned during the training at work. Four out of six try once, fail, and never try again. And there’s always the one who never even tries.

Practice to date has shown that the High Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ) methodology developed by Prof. Brinkerhoff dramatically increases the impact of training on performance in the workplace.

The right attitude to learning has never been more important than in today’s fast-changing world. The only skill we know that will always be important is the ability to learn and implement at work.

Invite PAIZ consultants certified by Professor Brinkerhoff and see how you can increase the effectiveness of development programs in your organization.