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Andrzej Cieplak

PAIZ Consulting Sp. z o. o.

ACC coach, business trainer, mentor, academic lecturer with nearly 30 years of business experience.

Education - mathematician, businessman (MBA), business trainer, ICF coach.
Psychometric profile - researcher, analyst.
Form of expression - synthesis, metaphor, getting to the heart of the problem.
Passions - educator, mentor, pillar of a multi-generational family.
Hobbies - personality development, admiration for nature, practicing sports, music, photography.
Family - husband of Małgorzata, with whom they have three wonderful children and five lovely grandchildren. A member of the nearly 100-member Cieplak family.

Since 1989, he has been active in business, holding managerial and ownership functions in many companies. For many years, he has been conducting training, coaching and mentoring processes with entrepreneurs, managers and teams.

Certified Coach CoachWise™, graduate of the Wszechnica Business Trainers School of the Jagiellonian University, MBA management studies at the University of Central Lancashire. Author and co-author of 2 books on training and coaching. Active member-co-founder of ICF in Lublin (currently the director of the branch). A long-time member and coordinator for education in the organization: Employers of Lublin LEWIATAN.