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Barbara Smoczyńska

I have been cooperating with PAIZ for almost 20 years.

The biggest challenge is for me
- live by your measure,
- manage your own energy so as to maintain a balance in giving and taking,
- care for harmony between thinking, emotions and behavior.

I have 40 years of professional work behind me and a lot of different experiences. The world continues to impress me, people interest me, ideas inspire me, and art moves me. My professional roles are: psychosocial skills trainer, academic teacher (I am a doctor of humanities in the field of philosophy), therapist, personal development advisor, supervisor, mentor, promoter of the issues of equal status of women and men and psychoeducation in the media.
Since 1995 I have been preparing and conducting trainings, workshops and trainings. In January 2002, I received the recommendation of the Polish Psychological Society No. I/34. Looking for the most convincing psychological convention for myself, I attended many trainings (Gestalt, NLP, AT, RTZ, MBTI, TSR, etc.) and finally chose cognitive-behavioral psychology (however, I sometimes combine it with other methods). I like how the participants of my trainings not only improve their skills, but also reflect on social phenomena, understand the cultural context and the mechanisms of human behavior.

I measure success at work with a sense of meaning, fulfillment and joy.

Who would I like to meet in person?
I am glad that I can still get to know the works of various outstanding people.