Karolina Malinowska

I have been a PAIZ collaborator for almost 10 years.

The biggest challenge is for me
- successfully combine different professional and personal roles,
- take care of your own energy in the face of many life tasks, including the tasks of having two children,
- be directive when necessary.

I am a psychologist and in my work I combine various professional roles: psychosocial skills trainer, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, coach, researcher. What can certainly be said about me is that I really like people and it's easy for me to be with them, accept them, listen, exchange experiences and knowledge. I am looking for ways to constantly develop and improve my skills and I use both training, supervision and other forms of self-improvement. I really like both individual work with clients and workshop work with a group. I have conducted over 1000 hours of soft training that builds and strengthens various psychosocial skills in clients. I am also fascinated by social and educational research, which is why I also work in this area. I am the author of scientific and popular science publications.

Success in working with people is for me the development of my clients, enriching the quality of their lives, supporting their professional achievements.

Who would I like to meet in person?
Among others: Agnieszka Holland, Meryl Streep, Aaron t. Beck, Jamie Oliver.