Key Skills & Employability Assessment Service for Young and Adult Learners (KeySTART2Work) to implemented by PAIZ Consulting as part of the Erasmus+ program together with Partners from Spain, Italy, Austria and Greece focused on the diagnosis and development of transversal competences crucial for employment.

The term transversal competences is increasingly replacing the term transferable competences used so far. These are competencies possessed by an individual, useful in other professions or positions than the one in which the person currently works or has worked until recently. These competences may also have been acquired through non-work related activities undertaken in leisure time or through education or training. More generally, they are competences acquired in one context or for the performance of a specific task that can be transferred to another context.

As part of the project, a online tool was launched, thanks to which learners, both young people and adults, can find out what transversal competences are and what potential they have in this area; make a self-assessment in the scope of the above competencies and manage their development. This website is the starting point for the consulting service that will be provided as part of the Chamber of Commerce in Granada (Spain). We assume that the above the services will make it easier to find employment in the European Union.

We encourage you to visit project website and use competence self-assessment tools