Increasing sales through customer education

Client: International concern - producer of cement.
The purpose of the project:

Increasing the sales of cement produced by Lafarge in DIY stores and warehouses

The company, one of the key cement producers in Poland and in the world, has based its sales strategy on educating employees of its customers.
It has been assumed that the sale of Lafarge cement to individual customers can be supported if the sellers will stop being just dispensing goods and start talking to customers about their needs, and ultimately also advising on the choice.

  • a detailed presentation/training has been developed, which will be conducted by Lafarge traders for employees of warehouses and DIY stores;
  • 99% of sales force employees were prepared to conduct presentations and training in a uniform standard;
  • a number of materials and ideas have been developed to be used in sales support materials;
  • change of attitude of Lafarge salesmen towards the project.

Workshops for an interdisciplinary working team, during which a standard and content for presentations in accordance with the requirements of the concern and the scope of training for Lafarge customers were developed; training preparing salespeople and advisors to conduct presentations and training in supermarkets and construction warehouses.