On-the-job training – is it possible to teach more effectively and… more effectively in a one-to-one relationship

Client: A company from the energy industry
The purpose of the project:

Increasing the efficiency and (quality and pace) of preparing employees for work in new positions.


Certifying 75 masters and specialists to conduct training at workstations, taking into account the methodology of teaching adults and new manuals; development of detailed training plans with material for foremen conducting training for each workstation in production in two plants.


The two-year project included the preparation of detailed training plans for several workstations in two plants. Implementation support consisted in designing ready-made manuals for conducting training for individual positions, along with procedures and aids for trainers and verification (at the individual level) of the ability to use the above-mentioned tools. training plans in practice - practical exam.

Additional challenges :

Awakening readiness to learn, designing various, active training methods to be used in the situation of teaching at the workplace in a one-to-one relationship (student - teacher), assuming that the training process for a given position lasts up to 3 months.