The pharmaceutical company focuses on continuous development and creativity of employees

Client: A pharmaceutical company with Polish origins
The purpose of the project:

The overriding goal of the project was to supplement and increase the key competences of the sales and managerial staff. An additional effect was to encourage staff with long work experience to constantly improve themselves and to stimulate creativity among employees.


Thanks to the implementation of the project, the company was able to almost double the size of its activities. The project allowed for a departure from the previous practice of training individual people in favor of a development project fully adapted to the specifics of the company. In total, over 120 people (management staff, medical representatives, key specialists) participated in the project.


PAIZ developed a two-year development project, as well as support for implementation in the workplace. Ultimately, 52 training courses for 3 groups of positions are planned in the project:

  • training for managers: the ability to introduce and manage changes, conflict resolution, the ability to negotiate, conduct meetings and meetings;
  • training for medical representatives: building long-term relationships with clients through consultative sales, conflict resolution, personal development and time management, conducting presentations;
  • specialist training for managers and specialists in the field of quality process audit in the pharmaceutical industry, validation, procedures for conducting research and technological development in accordance with GMP requirements, the use of statistical analysis methods and documentation in GMP and ISO, quality control procedures.

In addition, the project developed a set of methods for motivating employees of different ages and with different needs, as well as individual professional and personal development paths for 45+ project participants.